Testimonials from recent adventurers

In Loving Memory Chicchan 1954-2022

"I’m in deep gratitude for the experience of being on the Sacred Sites tour - it brought illumination, insights, past life re-memberings and lots of inner plane teachings and gifts... all priceless! 

Raym and Chicchan held sacred space beautifully, in simplicity and humility both in ceremony and on every step of the journey with the inner work and connections ever present.

It brought tears of joy and gratitude to have the honour to be within Stonehenge ... my heart opening wide to the blessings 

I’m kinda lost for words as to how I can  actually describe the immense bonds to all of the Sacred Sites ... my love for Avalon and the welcoming and nurturing received ... Wells and St Nectan’s Glen and the magnitude of Gaia’s gifts pumping with life force and nature devas rejoicing...inner plane guidance received at Merlins cave ... an abundance of specialness every day!

All this and the amazing souls called to the group; we shared insights, healings, laughter, tears , food and a beautiful sense of belonging. Friendships I cherish, made beyond time and space. 

I especially loved the stories   Chicchan and Raym shared of their adventurous life together -the inherent joy with lashings of mischief!! It was a pleasure witnessing a couple standing in their power, each holding the embodiment of both Divine masculine and feminine .

Would I go again? I’m in 🙂

High praise all round ! And massive Thank you!  So grateful and so much love.
Pertiwi xxx

"This trip delivered in spades!
Led by Raym and Chicchan, our hearty group of adventurers travelled in a very comfortable mini-bus and stayed in a fabulously well appointed farmhouse in the countryside. Each day we ventured out into the beautiful countryside - quaint villages, bubbling springs, waterfalls and green places flowing with natural energies, sacred trees and leafy glens, connecting to ancient landscapes, Stonehenge and timeless Avalon. Hearfelt thanks to my fellow travelers and to the guidance of Raym and Chicchan."
Shanti Devi

"I will say that if anyone is guided to go on the tour they must go! Dive in and discover magic beyond words and imagination! In England you will feel and see the magic you always dreamed of!!!

That’s straight from my heart"

"The most captivating delve into the depths of the water element uniting, inspiring, hydrating and restoring. The water always as Shakti as life unifying earth body and divine soul.

The whispers of ancient voices, the ripples of wisdom purring under my feet. The knowing. The inner knowing. The inner awakening. The inner remembering, the hum under my feet increasing until pounding, a deafening, until merging, until nothing, no periphery, no centre. 

Alive in the now.

Thank you Raym and Chicchan. It was such an enriching experience from Stone Henge to our Tor. Breathtaking!"

"Thank you Raym and Chicchan for gifting me an amazing holiday and an unforgettable experience. I loved it! 

Stonehenge, our first sacred site, was so healing for me, my heart opened with so much love and joy. I haven't felt this much love for many years. I was able to realise that I had closed my heart for so long from fear of getting hurt. I felt so much Divine energy and was practically in a state of bliss for the entire trip. 

I loved each and every sacred site we visited. All the places had an amazing energy. 

I also discovered a new passion, I love hiking. 

I had so much fun! I never thought I would be able to explore Crop Circles and now I have. What an adventure! 

The ceremonies were so beautiful and heart opening. Every day was a highlight for me and I was able to connect with these places with so much love, it made it so special. I now have so much love in my heart. 

Thank you Raym and Chicchan for everything xxx”
Lots of Love Preeti xxx

"I highly recommend this deeply spiritual journey with Raym and Chicchan - it was a very profound experience for me connecting with the ancient land of Avalon, Celts and Druids and eternal mysteries while being guided and supported by Raym and Chicchan.

It was such fun too all along the way, never boring and always exciting, being inside Stonehenge was extraordinary, sacred ceremonies run by Chicchan were very special, the whole trip was magical really (not to mention our little shopping detours).

I feel like a big part of me came back home, if Avalon is calling you too I only hope you'll like this trip as much as I did.”

"This tour was extremely well organised. I particularly appreciated Raym and Chicchan’s care and consideration of the group. The things I liked were-:

The activities and momentum of the day was adjusted to the group.

The accommodation was very comfortable, full of country charm and we returned there every evening. 

I loved searching for Crop Circles which took us through gorgeous English country side.

Best of all was the amazing sacred and special pagan places, loved connecting with them through ritual.

Being with a group of like minded souls was very comfortable and enhanced the whole experience. 

Thanks Raym and Chicchan“

"What an upbeat dynamic duo!! We were so well looked after.

The sacred ceremonies held at sacred sites, Druidic sites, some thousands of years old, such as Stonehenge and Chalice Well, and legendary Arthurian sites such as Tintagel, and on the Summer Solstice a ceremony in a fresh crop circle…. were all personally and trans-personally moving experiences. 

Lots of tramping through sunshine and rain where walking poles were very much appreciated, through beautiful rural landscapes and picturesque towns. 

The time spent in ceremony at sacred sites was balanced with exposure to magnificent ancient heritage sites, tours in Salisbury Cathedral, around Glastonbury and Wells and beautiful Bath, dinners in old English pubs and of course an introduction to the mysterious and fascinating crop circles.

Truthfully only superlatives and time honoured platitudes can paint the picture.

It’s a once in a lifetime adventure.
(Though I have heard it can be done more than once!)”

“As well as seeing the villages, towns and places that I had read about, this trip was a significant spiritual experience for me.

Stonehenge was powerful, climbing the Tor at Glastonbury and the Chalice Well Ceremony were emotional, and to walk the windswept Tintagel headland of King Arthur’s castle, wade through the waters of Merlin’s Cave and share the Spirit of St Nectan’s Glen on my birthday is something I will never forget.

Chasing crop circles and celebrating their incredible energy was a connection with other realms.

Thank you Raym and Chicchan for your enthusiasm, guidance and love to share on my journey.”

"We did so much, saw so much and experienced so much. Loved each and everything – even all the walking and climbing (well almost). Each place we visited brought its own experience. My favourites were:

The 8 beautiful Souls that shared this journey with me. As we know, nothing is coincidental – all is as it should be – even the people we interact with.

Stonehenge (how can it not be). This was the start of our tour. It had been raining fairly constantly but as we began our ceremony, the rain stopped, the sun came out and it shone through 2 of the pillars then all over (remembering our ceremony started at 8.45pm and yes it was still light). The frequency and vibration of the stones were amazing. I could hear their hum and the ceremony inside Stonehenge was so very powerful.

Tintagel Castle and Merlin’s Cave (rained constantly all day). This is where I had my most powerful connections. In Merlins Cave (at the bottom of the Tintagel Castle) I felt as though I had been there before with some interesting memories coming forward but it was the ceremony on top of Tintagel Castle (well almost the very top) at the edge of the cliff where King Arthur’s foot print was. Each one of us put our foot in this footprint and repeated very powerful words from Raym. For me, as soon as I repeated “across all time and space”, pencil-like drawing images of King Arthur and his knights came forward, one by one and that brought emotion to the forefront. Wow the connection and cellular memory was amazing and totally unexpected.

Our last day (the one before we left) where we found a new crop circle (about 3 days old) and had our Solstice ceremony in the very centre at about midday and then enjoyed mead and food. What a way to end what was a very empowering, powerful and experiential tour.

The end of an amazing experience and journey. At the age of 64 and never having travelled overseas before, this tour is the only one that I have ever wanted to do – with Raym and Chicchan.

For years I have seen this tour being offered but never ever thought I would get the opportunity to do it but in 2016 – I DID. 

Thank you Raym and Chicchan for making available such a fantastic tour – you did yourselves proud and thank you to all that shared this journey with me.”

“What did I get out of the tour? How can I find the words for that?! I have tried to share with others what has stirred. With a few I have gone there and the tears have welled in my eyes as I recall an awakening and awareness beyond anything I had expected.

For me, it was a journey of discovery, to experience, really experience these places in reality. Not just in my mind or by just visiting on the surface, but with my soul. You have no idea how I have longed for that. Whilst it was my individual journey, it was important to do that with a group, to be able to share thoughts, ideas, concepts, wonders and connections with people who are the same – gives support to boldly go there.

While there was always attention on the group and general consensus, there was a relaxed sense of fun and exploration. It was real, there was compassion and acceptance. The space that was created allowed for us to do what we needed, were drawn to or wanted to do as an individual.

I loved the ceremonies, they really helped to set a focus and build the connections as a group. The Chalice Well was my favourite, in addition to it being an amazingly energetic site, because of the depth that unfolded and the connections we built.

Raym and Chicchan, you are such a brilliant couple, it was a joy to be able to share this time and the experiences with you. There was such an ease as to how the trip unfolded and your company. I admire how you managed a group of quite different personalities so deftly.

Our cottage, the food – great. The quality and variation in food and ingredients was more than I had expected. Amazing creations came from the kitchen.”

“It was a mind and heart expanding experience with a fascinating group of people, the tour leaders kept morale high despite some very long days driving and the demands of keeping us all happy.
Thanks again for a great tour and for being such wonderful tour leaders. I would be interested in any future tours you are running to other countries.”

“This was my second crop circle tour with Raym and Chicchan and it was even better than the first. 9 days of action-packed fun and intense purification that included daily cream teas in the idyllic English countryside. Raym and Chicchan once again ensured that every day was outrageous fun.

Highlights included a group Crystal Dreaming in the centre of a crop circle, nightly crop circle manifestation competitions, visiting the crop circle research centre in Wiltshire, a plane trip over inaccessible crop circles and the final night dinner featuring an impromptu performance by a Scottish spoon virtuoso.

After this trip I will never view trees and rocks the same way again. If you need your spiritual adventures shaken but not stirred with a sci-fi twist, this is the tour for you”

“Highlights for me were: The fact that we manifested a crop circle - even though we didn't get to see it live, the Flower of Life definitely manifested upon our request. How amazing!!!

Also, going to crop circles - they have an amazing energy.

Looking on them from above, or being inside them, especially the new ones, was a special experience. But then the old one on Windmill Hill still had a resounding energy in it. Summer solstice inside a crop circle was great. St Nectan's Glen was amazing - especially seeing the orbs flashing in the light of the cameras. Divining the energy patterns as entering one of the new crop circles...wow.

Finding the crop circles... the hunt was fun!! Like spiritual orienteering without the co-ordinates!!

This is an unfair question!!! It was all great - Bath, and High Tea, and lolling about in the pool; the Crystal Dreaming session; the Long Barrow the gongs at Avebury etc etc. Loved the fact that the group was quite laid back and we could change time / plans as required.

Thank you once again for such a fabulous tour - I didn't really have any expectations before going, except that I knew I had to go because you were running it!! It wouldn't be the same doing it on my own or with a different group with others facilitating it - and it was right that it was experiential rather than having other 'experts' attached to the tour, so thanks for the format  and for the concept!! I don't think I would have bothered doing it otherwise.”

“I truly enjoyed the moment of ceremony within Stonehenge. The energy coming through me whilst within that circle (within the stone circles) was enough to make my knees shake and hands burn with energy.

Combining Crystal Dreaming (practice and teaching) with crop circles, sacred sites and ceremonies was nothing short of a dream of paradise. Witnessing friends experience their moments of power, experiencing them within myself, and creating a crop circle with the circle makers and being on the front cover of a magazine blew my expectations right out of the water!! What a story to share with everyone! And how fun it was to exceed personal and group expectations of power and co-creation! Truly marvellous!

My experience on the tour has changed my thoughts on the country. Made me believe in myself as a powerful human with unlimited abilities of healing, manifesting and creating. It has challenged my work as a Crystal Dreaming practitioner, improved my confidence, knowledge, technique and abilities. It has opened me up to more knowledge and wisdom then I can process at any one time.

The accommodation was exceptional! - I loved it. Great place in terms of location, size, comfort, and set up. Really awesome. The food was good We all shared the cooking and it was vegetarian and always left me feeling satisfied. The transport was exceptional – music in it and singing, a bonus.

The ceremonies were exceptional, I loved the concepts, intentions, focus, and involvement of everyone. I really enjoyed bringing in the elements (earth, air, fire and water representations) to the chalice well springs and I would have liked to do that for all the ceremonies.

The tour leadership was exceptional”

“What a delightful experience…on ALL levels! From the thorough preparation to getting us there, to holding a loving, patient, flexible and firm space for our unique personal experiences, to melding a vast array of sacred experiences from the profound classroom of our universe…. Thank you thank you thank you.

I particularly enjoyed our experience of connection with each of the sites, the sacred ceremonies, our passion for the crop circles, asking for and receiving our very own circle, how amazing was that!!! I’m sure I disappeared for an eon.

Definitely the best way to learn about a country and its sacred stories”